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Free-Floating Subdivisions

Posted by phapada on 11/27/2015


Listed below are general free-floating form subdivisions and those topical subdivisions having general application, or an application not covered by the pattern and other lists of free-floating subdivisions outlined on p. 1. For subdivisions having applications governed solely by the other lists, consult the appropriate list(s). On this list, statements are given of the types of headings under which each subdivision may be used along with definitions of use in some cases. For subdivisions that may be used under all types of headings B geographic, personal, corporate, title, and topical B the statement reads, “Use under subjects.” Subdivisions authorized for use under topical headings may be used under appropriate headings tagged 150 as well as under headings with other tags that are divided by topical subdivisions. For subdivisions of general application that also appear on other special lists, all uses are enumerated here. See also
references are provided between related subdivisions on this list. See also references to closely related subdivisions on other special lists are also given. Appearing with each subdivision are references to instruction sheets in the Subject Cataloging Manual which explain or mention its
use.    Form and Topical Subdivisions (pdf)


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